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List of Global Seoul Mates

  • Bragado Florencia

  • List of Global Seoul Mates SMG 1075

    Im applying as one of the Global Seoul Mates because I really love Seoul and this city has a lot to offer for foreigners like me so I wanted to explore more about this place. I have been promoting and sharing Koreas wonderful tourism from KTOs website in my facebook and most of it is about Seoul. If given the chance to join this group I can expand more of promoting Seoul by fulfilling the missions assigned to the Seoul Mates. Through my SNS, I can fully disseminate the latest news, events, tourism and other pertinent information about Seoul. I can also have the chance to exchange ideas and opinions with fellow Seoul Mates on various campaigns and programs of the group. This is a great opportunity for me to learn more and at the same time share to other people about the cultural and social aspects of Seoul.