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  • Bosingak Bell to Ring 33 Times to Bring in the New Year

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    On December 31, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will be holding its annual bell ringing ceremony at Bosingak Belfry. The ceremony, culminates with the ringing of the Bosingak Bell 33 times at the stroke of midnight, ushering in the New Year. The city government will also operate buses and subways later than usual to accommodate citizens attending the bell ringing ceremony.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has selected 11 special ceremony participants who have been chosen from a variety of different fields for their contributions to the city of Seoul in 2015. These representatives, who symbolize the hope and courage of Seoul citizens in 2015, were nominated by other Seoul citizens through the Seoul Metropolitan Government website and were selected by the city government. These representatives include those who have been role models in the fields of safety, volunteer work, and the paying of taxes, as well as those who have risen to the top of their respective fields by overcoming difficulties.

    In addition to these 11 special guests, this year’s bell ringing ceremony will be attended by five VIPs, including the mayor of Seoul and the chairman of Seoul Metropolitan Council, both of whom attend the bell ringing ceremony each year.

    In order to accommodate the large number of citizens who are expected to attend the bell ringing ceremony, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will be extending the hours of operation of buses and subways on the night of December 31/morning of January 1. Subways will remain in operation until 2 a.m. on January 1, an hour longer than usual, for a total of 109 trips including extended services. Buses will also remain in operation late into the night/early morning, and buses that pass through Jong-ro (N10, N26, N37, and N62) will also be in operation.

    For more information on the New Year’s Eve Bell Ringing Ceremony please contact:
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