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  • Bongsudae Park

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    Bongsudae Park, located behind Jungnang-gu Office, gives residents of Jungnang-gu a breath of fresh air throughout the seasons as an urban green space for recreation and leisure in both summer when children can play in the small water park without having to go far to an amusement park, and in autumn when visitors can enjoy autumn foliage without having to far to a scenic destination.

    Among the many things to see and enjoy in Bongsudae Park, one of the most popular must-see attractions is the field of silvergrass that glistens in autumn to welcome the change of season.

    Another main attraction of Bongsudae Park that is popular among kids is the traditional playground inside with a gigantic swing of olden days that stands in front of a maple tree resembling a scene from a folk tale, especially Chunhyangjeon (The Tale of Chunhyang).

    Climbing to the top of Bongsudae Park will reveal a breathtaking view of autumn foliage, and from above you can see that there is even an outdoor stage for various performances on wide open grass.

    Despite there being not much left of autumn, it’s always better late than never to enjoy the scent of autumn whether by visiting Bongsudae Park or enjoying the autumn scenery in pictures.

    Address: 602-1, Sinnae-dong, Jungnang-gu, Seoul

    Bongsudae Park’s silvergrass swaying with the gentle breeze

    Bongsudae Park visitors walking down the trail

    Bongsudae Park entrance

    Bongsudae Park trail with partial foliage and fallen leaves

    Bongsudae Park and trail on a sunny autumn day

    Bongsudae Park trail and autumn foliage

    Bongsudae Park’s silvergrass swaying along the steps

    Bongsudae Park visitors enjoying a stroll stepping on the fallen leaves

    Bongsudae Park visitor passing through the public exercise area

    Silvergrass field in Bongsudae Park

    Red-colored foliage seen in Bongsudae Park

    Children and moms playing in Bongsudae Park next to the silvergrass field

    Open grass field of Bongsudae Park under the blue sky

    Walking trail of Bongsudae Park lined with silvergrass

    Bongsudae Park trail covered in leaves