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  • Blooming Flowers in May at Seoullo

  • Urban Planning News SMG 15829

    ‘Seoullo 7017,’ the brand name of Seoul Station Project 7017, is a transformation project that aims to vitalize downtown Seoul. The old Seoul Station overpass which used to be a road for automobiles will be reborn into a pedestrian walkway and the surrounding area will be developed as well. Seoullo 7017 will be open to the public as planned through a grand opening on May 20, 2017.

    A noteworthy feature of Seoullo 7017 will be the 24,000 something plants of 228 species in 645 flower pots. In consideration of the visibility of vegetation and the blooming period, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold the official opening ceremony on May 20, 2017.

    Construction work for ‘Seoullo 7017’ is 70% completed at the present (end of February) and is scheduled to proceed as planned.
    645 pots and 18 amenities are being installed on top of Seoullo and plants and trees will be planted starting at the end of February.
    Installation of facilities that connect Seoullo to the surrounding areas as well as construction of connecting walkways to surrounding buildings are also in progress.

    The SMG plans to enhance the quality of Seoullo by inspecting the conditions of various facilities and discussing possible issues that may arise during the operation of Seoullo from a multidimensional perspective with experts and citizens until the grand opening in May. In the course of coming up with complementary measures, the SMG hopes to present ‘Seoullo 7017’ to the public in excellent condition.

    The opening ceremony is being prepared under the idea of creating a space where citizens and residents come together in a festive atmosphere. It also aims to introduce the importance of regeneration and walking to people.

    Instead of coming up with new events, the SMG will line up established cultural events of Seoul for the opening ceremony to generate the maximum effect with a minimum budget.
    Programs designed to maximize public participation will also be included in the opening ceremony.

    Once the plants are installed on Seoullo and details of the opening ceremony are finalized in March, the SMG will host a press briefing or press tour for reporters so that they can experience Seoullo ahead of the grand opening and provide an accurate description of the opening ceremony.

    Aerial view and construction photos of Seoullo

    Aerial View of Seoullo
    Aerial View of Seoullo Overpass Aerial View of Malli-dong Plaza
    View of Seoullo Construction Site
    Construction Site in Malli-dong
    Construction Site of Seoullo Overpass Seoullo Construction Site in Toegye-ro