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    Weekend is here!!!

    Actually, half of my weekend is gone, but I made a good use of my saturday

    Today was such a busy day, living far away from Seouls downtown only means you have to take long subway/bus rides and so we did today.

    After having our breakfast and cleaning the house -oh!, the perks of living alone lol-, we got ready to go out and being the Teen girls we are not anymore, the 1st stop was Dongdaemuns Fittin plaza to check out Klive yet again, this time we had tickets to 2NE1s Hologram concert, although thanks to the -very light- snow, it took longer to get there and we missed the 2pm show, instead we got tickets for the 4pm, with tickets in hand, we went to Dongdaemun Design Plaza to check out the Hangul T-shirt expo…

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