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  • Birthplace of Korean Sewing Industry – Opening of Changsin-dong Sewing History Museum

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    Birthplace of Korean Sewing Industry – Opening of Changsin-dong Sewing History Museum

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government opened Jongno’s Changsin-dong Sewing History Museum, the birthplace of the Korean sewing industry and primary manufacturer behind the scenes of Dongdaemun, the fashion industry hub of Seoul.
    # Following the Pyeonghwa Market opening of its doors in 1961, the Dongdaemun area quickly became a bustling community of the fashion industry with the nearby neighborhood of Changsin-dong serving as a small-scale, specialized zone for sewing factories. This industry played an important role in the very infrastructure enabling the success of the ‘Miracle on Hangang River.’

    The Sewing History Museum is located at the end of the alleyway crowdedly housing sewing factories of Changsin-dong. It is near the Naksan Fortress Wall in a four-story building, including a first floor basement level, that maintains a gross area of 499.12 ㎡. The museum is open from Tuesday to Friday (closed on Mondays & holidays) during the hours of 10am and 6pm and offers free admissions for all.

    The museums primary features include the ▲ Sewing Masters Memorial Hall ▲ Sewing History Museum ▲ Buttons Shop ▲ Sewing Workshop and more. All facilities are impaired and elderly-friendly thanks to a barrier-free design.

    As soon as you enter the museum, you will immediately notice the Sewing Masters Memorial Hall on the third floor. The memorial is dedicated to the ‘sewing masters’ of days past who devoted their lives to specializing in the craft of sewing over the course of 30-40 years and features exhibits of their works as well as various personal anecdotes acquired from being on the job. Come and enjoy the button shop on the second floor offering an array of buttons both on exhibit and for sale. Additionally, there will be a sewing workshop, which can be found on the first floor basement, available for visitors to create their very own clothing through the craft of sewing.