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  • Bike Racks to be Increased by 1,853 in 190 Places

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    Sometimes, you have had to tie your bike to a tree, a utility pole, or a pedestrian barrier when you can’t find a bike rack near the place you are visiting. The situation will be improved drastically, though.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government (City Transportation Headquarters) announced that it would add a total of 1,853 bike racks in 190 places in the city to meet the increasing demand particularly in the fall and designate people in charge per bike rack for their more efficient management.

    At present, the bike racks installed in 4,237 places in the city can accommodate 121,092 bikes. The City will increase their number drastically based on the results of on-the-spot surveys to meet the increase in the number of bike users.

    [People’s Opinion to be Reflected Concerning Places of Installation]
    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will also readjust the current locations of bike racks where necessary. The new locations will be selected considering the following requirements: no inconvenience to pedestrians; harmony with the surroundings, and; consistency with Seoul Metropolitan Government’s public design.

    The work on the relocation and new installation of bike racks will be started in September and finished by the end of November in each district.

    [Designation of People in Charge Per Bike Rack]
    To get rid of bikes left tied to a rack for a long period of time, Seoul Metropolitan Government will designate people in charge per bike rack.

    Local residents designated for this purpose will check the status of management of each bike rack and report the bikes tied to a rack for a long time to the authorities. These people will be designated by September. Tags will be attached to all bike racks in the city, with a contact number provided to report the bikes that should be taken away. Unclaimed bikes will be disposed of as per the regulations.