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  • Bike Buses to Run in Seoul’s Streets

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will run a group bike commuting system (the so-called ‘Seoul Bike Bus’) to encourage citizens to use bikes more proactively in their daily life, while overcoming the practice of passive bike use, including in leisure activities, for the first time on June 8. The City Government will continue to implement the new system on the 22nd of every month until the end of this year.

     ‘Seoul Bike Bus’ banner , ‘Seoul Bike Bus’ stop

    The Seoul Bike Bus is a method of cycling in which commuting paths with departure and arrival sites are designated in advance. Riders depart from the starting point together and get additional riders to join at designated bike stops, commuting to the city center in a group. Groups of ten to fifteen riders are expected to form one Bike Bus.

    Bike Bus (Example in the UK), Bike Bus (Example in Australia)

    The pilot Bike Bus path, which will run for the first time on June 8, will be the Achasan Course (12.44 kilometers) linking Achasan with City Hall, which takes about one hour to complete. The City Government plans to introduce six additional routes by the year’s end.

    Bike commuters pump their fists in a gesture of renewed commitment ahead of their departure from Children’s Grand Park Station. , Bike Bus (Seoul)

    In order to recruit as many riders on different Bike Bus routes as possible, the City Government plans to continue recruiting participants from among bike commuters, bike club members, bike patrol squad members, and ordinary citizens, as well as City Government officials, beginning in July.

    For further information on the Seoul Bike Bus, and how to apply for the program, please visit the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s general bike website at (bike.seoul.go.kr).

    Meanwhile, on top of the efforts to spread and promote bike commuting, the City Government plans to implement “Share the Road,” an advanced country-style campaign designed to increase citizens’ awareness of the shared use of roads by bikes and automobiles.

    If bikes are taken up as a major means of commuting, starting with the operation of the Seoul Bike Buses, the City Government expects that it will bring diverse benefits, including the long-term resolution of severe traffic jams in city centers, the improvement of air quality, and the advent of a new bike culture.