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  • Bicycling Plus Eco-friendly Snack-making Recommended as this Weekend’s Outing

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (Hangang Project Headquarters) has announced that it will hold a “Bicycle Camp for Lovers and Friends” in which participants can simultaneously experience nature and art, on June 26. The courses and time will be flexible depending on the participants’ bicycling skills, but they will have an opportunity to enjoy many sites along the Hangang, ranging from Nanji Hangang Park to Noeul Park and various tributaries of the river that are like hidden jewels, including Changneungcheon Stream, which retains the looks of the Hangang of the past.

    Noeul Park, Changreungcheon Stream

    After enjoying the ride along the Hangang, participants will have a chance to visit Gyeomjae Gallery, Seochon Gallery or Nanji Art Studio. The last part of the event consists of an “eco-friendly snack-making” session in which participants are allowed to collect wild rose buds, shepherd’s purse, and mugwort, which they can cook and eat, or to gather a wide variety of vegetables, including lettuce, radishes, strawberries, red peppers and eggplants, which are cultivated organically on a farm at the Wildlife Exploration Center in Nanji Hangang Park, and which can be eaten as a salad or boiled and eaten with rice. To participate in the picnic, submit your application in advance by calling (+82-2-3780-0609) by June 24. A total of twenty people can take part in the event.