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  • Best Korean Resto in Seoul!!

  • AngeloCarlo Cativo 828

    It was November of 2011, when I visited Seoul for the first time.

    Luckily I have korean friends in Seoul and they tour me around Seoul.
    on our 2nd day, We are scheduled to visit 63 Building which is the highest building in Korea. It was Lunch time when we reach Yeouido so we decided to have our lunch first. As to notice, my friend is kinda lost. So when I asked him whats happening, he told me he was looking for the restaurant where we going to eat.
    After few minutes of searching and asking some people we finally found the Resto.

    Kanggongsoon haeazip 강공순 할매집 is the restos name. Its few walks away in MBC.
    We had bbimbap and seafood soup with all the delicious side dishes.

    The judgement?? It was the most delicious Korean resto! and this is not from me but from my korean friend! this resto was recommended to me by our friend he added. So thats why he doesnt know where was the exact location of the resto.

    As for me, it was a great journey to be lost in a beautiful city of Seoul and be rewarded by a delicious lunch a Korean way.

    it was so delicious that I want to come back for more, more and more.

    Since then I always recommend this resto to my friends going to Seoul for Tour.

    Definitely a treat for every stomach craving for a korean dish not just for visitiors but for locals as well.