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  • Benefits Provided at 1,057 Businesses for Drivers Participating in the “No-Driving Day” Program

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    Upon enrolling in the “No-Driving Day” program, drivers will be eligible to receive various benefits, such as discounts on gas and car washes, at 1,057 public organizations and related private businesses in Seoul.

    Drivers participating in the program, which was launched in 2003, are asked to choose one weekday on which they will refrain from driving and to affix an electronic sticker to their car indicating that day of the week. As of January 2015, 740,000 vehicles, accounting for 30.9 percent of the 2.41 million cars registered in Seoul, are enrolled in the program.

    For the driver’s participating in the No-Driving Day program, the Seoul Metropolitan Government provides a variety of benefits, such as reduced automobile tax and traffic congestion charges and discounts on parking fees at public parking lots. In addition, the government is working to expand the number of private businesses participating in the program, including electric car sharing enterprises, optical shops, flower delivery services, restaurants, and banks, to offer a wider range of benefits.

      Category Benefits Number of
    Private Gas Station KRW 10-30 discount per liter 11
    Car Wash 5-10% or KRW 1,000 discount 7
    Car Repair Shop 5-15% discount 946
    Restaurant 5% discount or free drink 3
    Health Check-up 10% discount 7
    Car Inspection Fee 10% discount 13
    Automobile Tax 5% reduction  
    Traffic Congestion Charges 50% reduction (KRW 2,000→KRW 1,000)  
    Public Parking Lot 20-30% discount on parking fees  
    Resident-first Parking Area Additional points in selection  
    Transportation Impact Fee 20% reduction  

    A new policy has been implemented that stipulates registration in the No-Driving Day program expires every five years, after which drivers have 90 days to apply for a new electronic sticker. If they do not, they will be automatically dropped from the program. However, during the initial stage of this new policy, the roughly 600,000 cars that enrolled in the program between 2006 and 2010 will be allowed to renew their stickers by March 30, 2016, in order to avoid any confusion due to the change.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will continue to promote the No-Driving Day program along with district offices and community centers, and will also reinforce and expand crackdowns on drivers who remove their electronic stickers after enrolling in the program or who fail to observe their No-Driving Days commitments. Currently, RFID systems for the program are installed in 19 locations, and 52 fixed readers have been installed throughout the city. As punishment for the 13,366 cars that failed to fulfill their commitments on more than three occasions in 2014, the city government withdrew their benefits. Furthermore, the government plans to strengthen crackdowns on violations using portable electronic sticker readers.