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  • Bell-Ringing Event at Bosingak Belfry to Ring in the New Year

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    Again this year, Seoul will close the year of 2019 and greet the new year filled with expectations by ringing the bell of Bosingak Belfry together with citizens at midnight on December 31 (Tues.). 11 individuals who gave hope and courage to the citizens in each field of society in 2019, including Pengsoo, the creator of EBS who is phenomenally popular among citizens, and Shin Da-eun, a teen bowler who became a multi-medalist at the 100th National Sports Festival, will participate in the bell-ringing event, ringing the bell a total of 33 times.

    11 Citizen Representatives to Ring the Bell in 2019……Congratulatory Performances and Events Before and After the Bell-Ringing
    11 citizen representatives who were selected through the recommendation on the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s website, as well as the figures who regularly participate in the ceremony, such as the mayor of Seoul, the chairperson of Seoul City Council, the superintendent of the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, the commissioner of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, and the head of Jongno-gu Office will all participate in this year’s bell-ringing event.

    The 11 citizen representatives were selected among those who graced this year in various fields, including freedom & peace, welfare, society & culture, safety, multi-culturalism, and international exchange.

    Seoul is preparing a variety of programs that can be enjoyed by the citizens who come to watch the bell-ringing event. Celebratory performances before and after the bell-ringing and greetings from the mayor of Seoul will take place on the special stage at Bosingak Belfry.

    The live New Year’s Eve Bell-Ringing Event will be broadcasted on TBS and through online broadcasters, such as Live Seoul, YouTube, Ustream, AfreecaTV, Daum TV Pot.

    Two-hour Extension of Bus and Subway Operation…Check Ahead for Different Arrival Times of Each Line
    Seoul will extend the operation of subways and buses so that citizens who go home late at night after the bell-ringing event can conveniently use public transportation. On December 31 (Mon.), subway operation will be extended to 2:00 a.m. (based on the terminal station), one hour later than usual, and the subway operation will increase to 115 times (115 departures from the terminal station).

    The 42 buses that run via the Bosingak Belfry will depart around 2 a.m. from nearby bus stops in the direction of their last stops. For reference, seven Owl Buses that pass through Jongno (N15, N26 Jungnang, N26 Gangseo, N37 Jingwan, N37 Songpa, N62 Myeonmok, N62 Yangcheon) will operate as usual.

    Seoul Metropolitan Fire & Disaster Headquarters and Related Departments On Site for Safety Control for Fire and Safety Accident Prevention
    The Seoul Metropolitan Fire & Disaster Headquarters, as well as other related departments, have prepared a thorough safety control plan as the crowds that will gather at the site are expected to outnumber 80,000.

    On December 31, the Seoul Metropolitan Fire & Disaster Headquarters will establish and operate the “Fire Safety Control Center” near the Bosingak Belfry from 9 p.m. until the conclusion of the event.

    During the event, 25 fire engines and ambulances and 248 firefighters will be ready in case of an emergency near the Bosingak Belfry and its vicinity.

    The city has asked citizens not to bring firecrackers or buy and use them on the site to prevent injuries caused by setting off firecrackers. The city will collaborate with the police to crack down on firecracker users and sellers.

    As more than 100,000 citizens participate in the bell-ringing event each year, the number of safety guards placed in nearby subway stations, including Jonggak Station (Line 1), will be tripled compared to usual, for citizens’ safe use of the subway. If there is a risk of safety accidents due to a sharp increase in the number of passengers, trains may not stop at the Jonggak Station.

    For more information about the New Year’s Bell-Ringing Event, please visit the website of the Seoul Metropolitan Government (www.seoul.go.kr) or call Dasan Call Center (☎120), the History & Cultural Heritage Division (☎82-2-2133-2641), or the Transportation Policy Division (☎82-2-2133-2218).