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  • Base Seoul Taxi Fare to Rise to KRW 3,800 Starting February 16 at 4 a.m.

  • Traffic News SMG 3777

    Starting 4 a.m. on February 16, the base fare for Seoul taxis will rise 18.6% to KRW 3,800 during the daytime.

    The base fare for mid-sized taxies will rise to KRW 3,800 during the daytime (KRW 800 increase) and to KRW 4,600 during late-night hours (KRW 1,000 increase). The late-night premium application hours will remain the same as before, from midnight to 4 a.m. The base fare for large and deluxe taxis will rise to KRW 6,500 (KRW 1,500 increase).

    In cases where the fare comes out to a number that includes units of KRW 10 due to the late-night premium (20% of daytime distance/time fare), the number will be rounded off so as to be expressed only in units of KRW 100. For instance, if the fare meter indicates a fare of KRW 4,040 this will be rounded down to KRW 4,000, and if it indicates a fare of KRW 4,050, this will be rounded up to KRW 4,100. The rounded-off amount will automatically be displayed when the taxi driver presses the payment button on the meter.

    Seoul will perform operations to reflect the adjusted amounts in the fare meters of 70,000 Seoul taxis over the course of fifteen days starting on the 16th. To prevent citizen confusion during this period, a fare chart will be affixed in all taxis to allow passengers to check the fares before and after the increase.

    Fares Before/After Increase

    Fares Before/After Increase
    Category Present Adjusted
    Mid-sized Taxis Daytime Base fare KRW 3,000/2 km KRW 3,800/2 km
    Distance fare KRW 100 per 142 m KRW 100 per 132 m
    Time fare KRW 100 per 35 sec. KRW 100 per 31 sec.
    Late Night
    (20% of daytime fare added)
    Base fare KRW 3,600/2 km KRW 4,600/2 km
    Applicable hours Midnight to 4 a.m. Midnight to 4 a.m.
    Base fare KRW 5,000/3 km KRW 6,500/3 km
    Distance fare KRW 200 per 164 m KRW 200 per 151 m
    Time fare KRW 200 per 39 sec. KRW 200 per 36 sec.