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  • B-Boys ascend in Seoul

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    More excitement resonated throughout the nation’s capital as Korea’s top B-Boys and B-Boy team, along with singer Park Jae-beom, gathered for “Fever Seoul Live” on Dec. 21, Seoul City said.

    The heated event, which began at 7 p.m. at the Mellon Ax-Korea in the Gwangjin-gu area, was created as one part of the government’s strategy to raise global awareness of the nation’s capital, while promoting the B-Boy phenomenon as a Korean cultural asset, Seoul City said.

    The hour-and-a-half performance featured Korea’s top B-Boys, Bruce Lee (Gamblerz Crew), Rookie (Drifterz Crew), Skim (Jinjo Crew), Vero (Jinjo Crew) and Pocket (Morning of Owl). Singer Park Jae-beom made a guest appearance, and a troupe of 25 B-Boy members staged the B-Boy musical called “Battle Boy.”

    The concert began with a “magnificent” performance by six B-Boys famous for captivating fans all over the globe. This was followed by the “B-Boy Battle” musical with Seoul as the theme.

    Seoul City said the latest Fever Seoul Live was broadcast live for the first time through the specially set up Facebook site — http://www.facebook.com/hiseoul. It added that it is also the first city in the world to have undertaken such an attempt.

    Those who had viewed the performance online and had left postings onsite were eligible to take part in a raffle draw for an article of clothing donated by a sponsor.

    The performance and the performance preparation video, as well as backstage shots and Seoul music videos, will be uploaded onto the official Seoul YouTube site (http://www.youtube.com/seouldreamseries). The site will be accessible as of Jan. 1, 2011.

    The second-generation Korean-American YouTube musicians – David Choi and Dumbfounded – who have a fan base in both the United States and Korea will also be featured on Seoul City’s YouTube program.

    The six internationally popular B-Boys, who were selected through an online battle, created a riot at Seoul Gwanghwamun Square when they held a B-Boy Battle with six Korean B-Boys, in November.

    “We aim to raise the Seoul’s brand value through Fever Seoul Live and plan to foster B-Boy culture as a Korean cultural asset,” Yoon Jong-jang, an official in the Seoul City marketing division, said. “The world will discover how attractive a city Seoul is, as we attempt for the first time a live broadcast of a performance in real-time for the global community.”