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  • Avoid Congested Buses and Take Vacant Buses

    SMG 3832
  • Avoid Congested Buses and Take Vacant Buses

    Bus users can now take less crowded buses. Blue, green and yellow buses that circulate in downtown Seoul will list the passenger rate in the three levels of ▲spacious (여유), ▲normal (보통) and ▲crowded (혼잡).

    All intra-city buses with standing seats, blue, green and yellow buses, will offer the congestion level service. The Seoul Metropolitan Government will also consider applying the service to coach buses including express buses and village buses.

    The level of congestion will be calculated based on the number of get ons and offs using transportation cards, in consideration of the size of the bus from large general, super low (11m×2.5m), and medium general (9m×2.5m).

    Errors may occur in the number of passengers (by 1 or 2 people) due to cash payments, failure to touch the transportation card to the reader when getting off and sneaking in without payment. Also, the level of congestion may differ for each person’s perception.

    Avoid Congested Buses and Take Vacant Buses table
    Level Guide to level of congestion inside the bus
    Spacious Seats are available
    Spacious Standing passengers can each hold on to a handle
    Spacious Passengers are crowding into the passageway and their bodies touch (abnormal)

    Users will be able to choose the bus they want to get on to after looking at the level of congestion guide which will lead to a more pleasant atmosphere inside the bus and more precise bus schedule due to reduction in the boarding/get off time.

    The level of congestion guide is expected to be of great help to vulnerable traffic users who are more greatly inconvenienced by congestion.

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  • MITUL KANSAL 06/06/2017 (2:47 오전)

    Very good idea in the interest of passengers who use buses in travelling .