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  • Autumn Stroll on Seoullo 7017 Flower Path

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    Seoullo Autumn Flower Path Mon, Oct. 12 – Fri, Oct. 30, 2020 Between Seoullo Gallery and Hydrangea Observatory

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will be landscaping Seoullo 7017 with “Seoullo Autumn Flower Path” for citizens to enjoy autumn in downtown, and holding green programs and various online programs for the vitalization of garden culture.
    Seoullo Autumn Flower Path
    Seoullo Autumn Flower Path will be open from Mon, Oct. 12 to Fri, Oct. 30. The path will be an enjoyable walking trail embellished with autumn flowers, such as pink muhly grass, broom cypress, Siberian chrysanthemum and orange cosmos, linking Seoullo 7017 and Malli-dong Plaza.
    There will be several photo zones along the flower path decorated under the themes of “autumn banquet” and “camping,” expressing people’s desire to go on a trip.

    Seoullo Gardenist program “Green Plant Pharmacy”
    Seoullo Gardenist, a small group gathering that helps participants regain mental stability through plants, will operate its first program “Green Plant Pharmacy” at Seoullo Garden Center from Tue, Oct. 13 to Fri, Oct. 23.
    “Green Plant Pharmacy” includes “Plant Consultation” where participants can bring their withered and sick plants for diagnosis, “Empty Pot, Full Pot” where participants can bring an empty pot to fill with plants, and “Finding My Pet Plant” where participants can get matched with their perfect plant.
    Visitors must make a reservation online in advance to participate in “Plant Consultation” and “Empty Pot, Full Pot” programs for compliance with social distancing and disinfection rules for the prevention of COVID-19. “Finding My Pet Plant” is a permanent online program in which anyone can participate.
    Online Program – Seollo Street Parade
    “Seoullo Street Parade” is an online program in which videos will be uploaded one by one on the official Seoullo 7017 website and YouTube channel. In videos will feature street art at Magnolia Pavilion and performances related to the story of Seoullo Garden, and the exciting parade of artists.

    Seoullo 7017 Wandering Festival
    The 1st Seoullo 7017 Wandering Festival is an online program to promote walking culture in which people can relax, play and enjoy the neighborhood landscape at least for a day in their busy life. The festival includes musical performances, which will be available on the official Seoullo 7017 website and YouTube channel as well as JEBI ON AIR on YouTube.
    Various online musical performances
    The performances of eight teams at various spots on Seoullo 7017 were filmed and made into videos. In the unique videos, artists give touching and consoling performances under various themes in front of an audience of not people, but plants, which will be sent to citizens who applied in advance.
    For more information on the programs and online events that will take place on Seoullo 7017, visit its official website (seoullo7017.co.kr), YouTube channel (youtube.com/c/서울로7017), and other social media channels (Instagram: @seoullowalk_, Facebook: seoullowalk).