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  • Autumn Events at Namsan Mountain into Early November

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    Autumn is now upon us. Enjoy autumn at Namsan Mountain in the heart of Seoul during the peak foliage season from October to November. Discover Namsan Mountain covered with beautiful autumn leaves and take part in various events!

    < Namsan Autumn Foliage Concert at Noon >

    The ‘Namsan Autumn Foliage Concert at Noon’ will take place at the three-way intersection in front of Jangchung Gymnasium on the north circuit road of Namsan Park during the lunch hour (11am to 1pm) from October 18 (Wed) to 20 (Fri).

    The Autumn Foliage Concert offers ‘healing’ to the daily life of citizens who take a walk on Namsan Mountain and nearby office workers at midday on weekdays. Along with small-scale musical performances of gugak (Korean traditional music) and classical music, diverse experience-based programs will be provided for visitors. All programs are free of charge and accessible on the spot.

    < The 3rd Namsan Trail Walking Festival >

    Celebrating its third anniversary in 2017, the Namsan Trail Walking Festival will be held along the entire section of the 7.5km-long trail for 3 days from November 2 (Thu) to 4 (Sat). The festival provides people with an opportunity to encounter ‘the real Namsan Mountain’ by walking slowly along the Namsan Trail.

    This event will be a great occasion in which citizens can discover the true characteristics of Namsan Forest, not only as Seoul’s representative tourist attraction or a dating destination. While walking along the Trail colored by beautiful autumn leaves, visitors can freely participate in a variety of experience-based programs prepared at each point at no cost.

    In addition, separate programs created through expanding and reinterpreted existing programs related to Namsan Park such as ‘The Healing Forest,’ and ‘Kids’ Café in the Forest’ will in operation.
    ‘The Healing Forest’ is a program that takes place in the ‘healing forest’ of pine trees on Namsan Mountain which is well-loved by citizens since its opening in June 2017. It is composed of Pine Cone Acupressure Road, Drinking a Healing Tea, Healing Aroma Massage, and more.
    The ‘Kids’ Café in the Forest’ aims to realize a kids’ café where children can play freely by utilizing the Hannam Children’s Forest Experience Ground actively, together with childcare experts.

    Overview of ‘Namsan Autumn Foliage Concert at Noon’

    □ Event Overview

    • ○ Event title: Namsan Autumn Foliage Concert at Noon
    • ○ Date: 11:00am~1:00pm on October 18 (Wed) ~ 20 (Fri), 2017
    • ○ Venue: Three-way intersection in front of Jangchung Gymnasium on the north circuit road of Namsan Park
    • ○ Target: About 3,000 park users
    • ○ Description
      • – Small-scale performance of various musical genres including gugak (Korean traditional music) and classical music
      • – Experience-based programs for the enjoyment of fall on Namsan Mountain (free participation on the spot, free of charge)
    □ Operation Plan

    • ○ Event schedule
      Event schedule table
      Hours 18th (Wed) 19th (Thu) 20th (Fri)
      11:00~12:00 · Gayageum performance by Yoo Eo-ye (10 mins)
      · Autumn tea making, autumn postcard making
      12:00~13:00 · Performance by Stupeo
      (Cello Trio)
      ·Performance by Gyepi Sisters
      (Ensemble of musical instruments)
      · Performance by wild band ID
      13:00~14:00 · Portrait drawing · Autumn leave postcard calligraphy · Diffuser making
    • ○ Event photos
      Event photos

    Overview of the ‘3rd Namsan Trail Walking Festival’

    □ Event Overview

    • ○ Event title: The 3rd Namsan Trail Walking Festival
    • ○ Theme: “Time to meet the real Namsan Mountain”
    • ○ Date: 10:00am~5:00pm on November 2 (Thu) ~ 4 (Sat), 2017
    • ○ Venue: Entire section of the Namsan Trail (7.5km)
    • ○ Target: About 5,000 citizens (Participation on the spot)
    • ○ Contents: Walking along the Trail, operation of experience booths at each point, and other programs
    □ Operation Plan

    • ○ Trail Guide
      Trail Guide
      Three-way intersection in front of Jangchung Gymnasium on the north circuit road → Point 1 → Seoul City Hall Namsan Annex → Point 2 Mok Myeok San Bang → History & Culture Road → Point 3 → Biotope → Point 4 → Point 5 Namsan Mineral Springs → Arrival
    • ○ Experience-based programs at each point
      Points Contents
      Start / End

      Registration, Issuance of certificate

      Point 1

      Photograph Exhibition on Healthy Namsan Forest

      Point 2

      Experience of Crossing the Forest Animals’ Road

      Point 3

      Art Zoo (Exhibition on Ten Species of Namsan’s Animals and Plants)

      Point 4

      Exhibition on the ‘Namsan’s Birds’ Monitoring Results and Docents’ Explanation

      Point 5

      Quiz and Wood-burning Experience with Namsan Forest Keeper ‘Gakkumi’

    • ○ Other programs
      • – Healing Forest: program operated through expansion of the existing program ‘Healing Forest of Pine Trees’
      • – Kids’ Café in the Forest: program realized through active utilization of the Hannam Children’s Forest Experience Ground
    • ○ Event photos
      Event photos