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  • Auto-Connect to Public WiFi Hotspots At Bus Stops After Initial Setup

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) completed the installation of public WiFi hotspots at 2,340 bus stops equipped with boarding platforms with goals of improving convenient bus service and reducing citizens’ burden of phone bills.

    The original plan had been to complete the installation of public WiFi hotspots at 2,340 bus stops by July 2022. However, the installation was completed one year earlier as the SMG conducted the municipal project through government funding.

    Public WiFi hotspots were preferentially installed on major bus-only lanes, such as in Jongno-gu, Gangnam-daero, and Tongil-ro. As for street-side bus stops, the SMG installed public WiFi hotspots at places with electrical outlets and high passenger traffic.

    In addition, the SMG resolved citizens’ inconvenience by applying the same SSID as that for its other public WiFi service Kkachi On.

    Now, citizens can access both Kkachi On and free public WiFi hotspots at bus stops just by connecting to “SEOUL_Secure” on their smartphone. There is no need to reconnect at every bus stop; once the connection is set, users will auto-connect to any public WiFi hotspot at all bus stops where the hotspot is installed.

    The SMG plans to monitor citizens’ convenience using the WiFi hotspots by continuously surveying user satisfaction. The SMG will also increase the level of services offered at bus stops in line with the pilot operation of futuristic smart shelter bus stops.

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