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    August 2017 Cultural Events
    Event Dates Venue Admission Content Contact
    Concrete Landscape2017 Culture and Art in Seoul Plaza Aug 1 – 4
    Aug 7 – 8
    Aug 16 – 17
    Aug 23 – 26
    Seoul Plaza Special Stage Free Art and culture performance on the lawns of Seoul Plaza homepage buttom
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    Seoul Together10th Seoul Culture Night Aug 11 – 12 Seoul Plaza, Gwanghwamun Square, etc. Free Midsummer night culture vacance featuring Seoul Open House, tour programs, World Music Vacance, snow sculpting, and summer night concerts homepage buttom
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    The 19th Seoul Drum Festival[Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra]
    72th Anniversary Concert of Liberation Day
    ‘Gwanghwamun Citizens, Plaza Concert’
    Aug 15
    Gwanghwamun Square Free Outdoor symphonic concert in celebration of the 72th anniversary of the independence of Korea homepage buttom
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    Envoy - Hidden Meaning[Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Theater]
    Nap Concert
    Jul 11 (Tues) – Aug 11 (Fri)
    Tues – Fri
    Performance Hall (B2) KRW 10,000 Day performance that provides healing and rest to busy Seoulites through gugak music homepage buttom
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    Taste of Gugak[Seoul Museum of Art]
    Nanji 10 Years: SeMA
    Nanji Residency Archive Exhibition
    May 30 – Aug 15
    Tue – Fri
    Weekends & Holidays
    * Operation of museum night
    Second Wednesdays,
    Last Wednesdays
    (Culture Day)
    Seosomun Main Building Free Archival exhibition that looks back at the last decade to honor the history of SeMA Nanji Residency homepage buttom
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    Community Art:Hello[Seoul Metropolitan Government]
    Clean Hangang River Campaign
    Aug 5 & 12
    Yeouido Hangang Park Free Citizen-led campaign to create a clean Hangang River homepage buttom
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    Namdaemun Market[Namsangol Hanok Village]

    Namsangol Vacance
    Jul 19 – Aug 31
    Wed – Sat
    Namsangol Hanok Village
    Lade Yun’s House,
    Lady Min’s House
    Nap experience
    KRW 3,000
    Hanok Comic Book Shop
    KRW 3,000
    Hanok comic book shop that implements the ancient summering methods so that visitors can take a nap on the floor of the building and read comic books homepage buttom
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    Shisei Kuwabara Photo Exhibition[Namsangol Hanok Village]
    1890 Namsangol Night Market
    Jun 3 – Oct 31
    Sat 5:00pm-10:00pm
    Namsangol Hanok Village Free admission Market from the 1890s during the Korean enlightenment era that features tradition and western culture and things to see, play with, buy and eat homepage buttom
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    Rose Garden Festival[DDP]
    2017 Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market
    Mar 24 (Fri) – Oct 28 (Sat)
    Fridays & Saturdays
    DDP Palgeori Free Seoul-type night market to transform the night along with night goblins homepage buttom
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    Cheonggyecheon Used Book Street Festival[DDP]
    Fly, Sail,
    Travel – Louis Vuitton (Volez, Voguez, Voyagez – Louis Vuitton)
    Jun 8 (Thurs) – Aug 27 (Sun)
    Sun – Thurs 10:30am-6:30pm
    Fri, Sat & Holidays
    Art Hall 1 DDP Art Hall Free (Reservation required) Exhibition that views the journey of fashion brand Louis Vuitton by tracing its history and future vision since 1854 homepage buttom
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