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Monthly Event Calendar

  • August 2016 Cultural Events Calendar

  • Monthly Event Calendar SMG 3661

    Event Dates Venue Admission Content Contact
    2016 National Liberation Day Celebration Aug. 15 (Mon.) 11:00-17:00 Citizen Hall Lounge and Citizen Plaza area (B1) Free Special performance and experience program in celebration of National Liberation Day


    Reading the City Exhibition: Library Architecture of Germany Aug. 2 (Tue.)-Aug. 28 (Sun.)
    (Closed every Monday and on national holidays)
    Seoul Metropolitan Library Exhibition Hall (1st floor) Free The major libraries in Germany interpreted using sketches by Italian architect Fabio Barilari
    Exhibition of buildings and urban culture


    The Magic Flute Story of Mozart and Mozzarella Aug. 16 (Tue.)-Aug. 21 (Sun.) 11:00 & 15:00 Sejong M Theater of Sejong Center 30,000 won (R)
    25,000 won (S)
    Mozart’s opera “The Magic Flute” reborn as a musical fairytale for children

    Unique Night, Unique Art Gallery
    〈Museum Night in August〉>
    Aug. 2 (Tue.)-Aug. 16 (Tue.)
    Seoul Museum of Art
    Seosomun Main Building
    Free 〈Tuesday Exhibition: Music + Museum Night〉 Aug. 2, 2016 (Tue.) / Aug. 9 (Tue.) 17:00-20:00
    〈Curator + Museum Night〉 Aug. 2, 2016 (Tue.) 20:00-20:30


    Summer Christmas at the Night Zoo Aug. 13 (Sat.)-Aug. 21 (Sun.) 19:00-21:00 Seoul Grand Park Zoo Zoo admission fee
    (Adults 5,000 won
    Youth 3,000 won
    Children 2,000 won)
    Enjoying early Christmas at the zoo that opens for midsummer nights! (Opening hours at night: July 29-Aug. 21; every day until 9 p.m.)


    Midsummer Night Zoo Adventure Aug. 5 (Fri.)-Aug. 20 (Sat.) 18:00-20:00 Seoul Grand Park Zoo 8,000 won Zoo tour and education program for families during opening hours at night


    Digital Homecoming Exhibition of Overseas Cultural Assets July 16 (Sat.)-Aug. 31 (Wed.) 10:00-18:00 DDP Notification Center 1st floor, lobby A3 Free Meet the digitally restored Mongyudowondo at DDP! *Special docent session: 11:00-12:30 / 14:00-15:30 (Twice a day)


    〈Giselle〉 by the Universal Ballet Aug. 12 (Fri.)-Aug. 14 (Sun.) 15:00-20:00
    *Different time schedule by date
    Chungmu Art Hall Grand Theater 80,000 won (VIP)
    60,000 won (R)
    40,000 won (S)
    20,000 won (A)
    〈Giselle〉 performed by the Universal Ballet


    World Gala Show of Seoul International Dance Competition Aug. 12 (Fri.)-Aug. 13 (Sat.) 19:30 Haeoreum Theater of the National Theater of Korea 70,000 won (R)
    50,000 won (S)
    30,000 won (A)
    20,000 won (B)
    The performances of world-class dancers and prize winners of the Seoul International Dance Competition (ballet, contemporary dance, and national dance)


    Ballet Fantasy by Tchaikovsky Aug. 12 (Fri.)-Aug. 14 (Sun.)
    14:00 / 16:30
    KB Kookmin Bank Haneul Youth Theater 30,000 won (R)
    25,000 won (S)
    (Group: 30% discount [20 persons or more])
    Ballet performance of children and youth