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  • Attend the Opening Ceremony of Seoullo 7017

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    Attend the Opening Ceremony of Seoullo 7017

    Seoullo 7017 will open on May 20, 2017, after three-years of preparation. A variety of events will be held to celebrate the opening of Seoullo 7017 on May 20 (Sat) and May 21 (Sun), 2017.

    Various music concerts (acoustic guitar, electric violin, haegeum, and busking of indie bands) will be held from 10am to 8pm, on May 20, 2017 (Sat), on the upper floor of Seoullo and Malli-dong Plaza. Citizens can enjoy a parade of popular Korean animation characters as well.

    A variety of other events will also be held. Citizens will hang up 50,000 flowerpots at the Flower Festival and visitors’ faces will be rhythmically drawn during the Croquiky Brothers’ show. There will also be a Seoullo 365 Fashion Show and a concert by the Korea Harmonica Orchestra at Seoul Station Plaza and Magnolia Pavilion.

    At 7:30pm, 1,000 LED lights will be turned on with a European Jazz Trio’s performance on the upper floor of Seoullo 7017. At 8:00pm in Malli-dong Plaza, the official opening ceremony of Seoullo 7017 will be held with a performance by the Citizens’ Choir selected through an audition.

    On May 21, 2017 (Sun), visitors can enjoy nine programs including a “Turtle Marathon” participated in by 2,000 citizens and a drum concert “The Drummer.”

    After the opening ceremony, over 20 festivals and cultural programs will be provided for one month until June 18, 2017 (Sun).