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  • “Aspirin Center”

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    I went to the Aspirin Center yesterday. Standing where the Northern Branch of Seoul District Court once was, the Aspirin Center is a special business incubation center where 15 start-up companies are preparing to launch “next-generation problem-solving” businesses that aim to resolve pending issues, including problems related to energy and the environment.

    After encouraging the workers at the start-up companies there, I attended a policy debate session on the construction of the “Changdong-Sanggye business start-up district”. The goal of the project is to create a large-scale business start-up district in this area, which will soon be a railway transportation hub, and foster the area to become a “knowledge hub” of Asia.

    Over 300 people came to participate in today’s policy debate session, including experts in start-up businesses and chairpersons of business incubation centers at universities in the northeastern part of Seoul, such as Kyunghee University and Kwangwoon University. We will continue our discussions to create a new future for Seoul’s Gangbuk area, with a population of 3.2 million, and the nearby areas of Gyeonggi Province!