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  • Asia’s Top Creators Selected Through Most Rigorous Competition to Meet in Seoul on the 28th

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    creator awards seoul 2019

    Top creators from Asian countries selected through rigorous competition will gather at Seoul’s DDP in February 2019.

    Together with WeWork, a platform that offers space, communities, and services to creators around the globe, Seoul will hold the ‘Seoul Creator Awards’ on Feb. 28, 2019 (Thu). The ‘Seoul Metropolitan Government’ is the first external organization to co-sponsor the Creator Awards with WeWork.

    ‘Seoul Creator Awards’ is the first WeWork Creator Awards (regional semifinal) to be held in 2019. It is a global event enabling the discovery and support of domestic creators including entrepreneurs, artists, and non-profit organizations that are passionate about work not just as a means of survival but as work that can realize the true value of life.
    Following the first Creator Awards in Mar. 2017, regional Creator Awards were held in 15 areas including Washington D.C., Detroit, London, and Berlin, and two global finals were held in New York in Jan. 2018 and in Los Angeles in Jan. 2019.

    Over 1,000 applications have been received in three award categories of Entrepreneurship and Venture Business, Non-profit Organizations, and Performing Arts. The event was recorded as having had the highest competition rate of all Creator Awards held in Asia.

    The entire semifinal held at DDP will be broadcast live through ‘Live Seoul,’ and an awards ceremony and congratulatory performance will be presented following the selection of winners with a prize award for the chance to advance to the global finals.

    On the day of the ‘Seoul Creator Awards,’ pop-up markets offering handmade products will be open to the public along with an employment expo with over 30 distinguished enterprises in participation.

    Anyone interested can apply in advance on the website below for free on a first-come, first-served basis.