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  • Asia’s First ‘Seoul’s Catholic Pilgrimage Route’ For Global Walking Tour

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    Asia’s First ‘Seoul’s Catholic Pilgrimage Route’ For Global Walking Tour

    The ‘Seoul’s Catholic Pilgrimage Route’ was proclaimed as Asia’s first official international pilgrimage site by the Vatican. The recognition as an international pilgrimage site It was made official at the proclamation ceremony sponsored by the Archdiocese of Seoul with attendance of the archbishop of the Vatican.

    Seoul connected a section of the pilgrimage route of the total 44.1-km Catholic Pilgrimage Route in the city with neighboring tourist sites to complete the three walking tour courses, ‘Seoul pilgrimage route with commentary.’ For example, the Bukchon Pilgrimage Route begins at the Site of the Gwanghwamun Beatification and connects to Jogyesa Temple and Gahoe-dong Catholic Church, and the Hangang Pilgrimage Route starts at Mapo Station with its Mapo Food Street and connects to Jeoldusan Martyrs’ Shrine.

    The three ‘Seoul pilgrimage route with commentary’ courses are comprised of ▴Bukchon Pilgrimage Route (3km, total 2 hours) ▴Seosomun Pilgrimage Route (4.5km, total 3 hours) and ▴Hangang Pilgrimage Route (4km, total 2.5 hours). These are courses lasting 2-3 hours for peaceful walks with in-depth commentaries by Seoul tourism commentators that are open to both Catholics and common tourists to enjoy without aversion to religion.

    • Bukchon Pilgrimage Route: This course begins at the Site of the Gwanghwamun Beatification of the 124 martyrs during the visit of Pope Francis in 2014 and connects through Jogyesa Temple, Insa-dong, Unhyeongung Norakdang and Gahoe-dong Catholic Church.
    • Seosomun Pilgrimage Route: Visitors can observe the beauty of modern architecture and the first page of Korean Catholicism. The course begins at the origin of the Catholic community Myeongdong Cathedral and goes through the beautiful modern buildings the Seoul Cathedral Anglican Church of Korea and the Seoul Museum of Art.
    • Hangang Pilgrimage Route: This course begins at Mapo Station where the busy Mapo Food Street sits and goes through Mapo Junction to lead to the quiet Hangang Road. At the end is the Jeoldusan Martyrs’ Shrine and the Yanghwajin Foreign Missionary Cemetery where visitors can feel the footsteps of martyrs.

    Visitors wanting to participate in the ‘Seoul pilgrimage route with commentary’ can make reservations at the Seoul City Walking Tours website (http://www.visitseoul.net/). (*Available in Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese with free admission.)