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  • Asian Boxing Legend Manny Pacquiao becomes ‘Seoul Global Ambassador’

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    Emmanuel “Manny” Dapidran Pacquiao, Asian Boxing Legend and a Senator of the Philippines, has become the new “Seoul Global Ambassador.”

    Seoul Mayor Park Won-Soon met with first-time visitor to Seoul City Hall Senator Pacquiao on Dec. 26th at 11:55 am, and appointed the senator as a Seoul Global Ambassador.

    The Seoul Global Ambassadors are a Seoul-friendly global network consisting of influential foreign figures with expertise in their respective fields, who provide the city with policy advice and assist with promoting cooperation between Seoul and cities in other countries. Pacquiao is the second appointment, following Maestro Valery Gergiev from Russia in June 2017. Gergiev is the General Director and Artistic Director of the Mariinsky Theatre and a true leader in the arts and culture world.

    As a Seoul Global Ambassador, Senator Pacquiao will lead the way in forming friendly relations between the cities of Seoul and the Philippines. In addition, he will help with reinforcing cultural and economic ties and cooperation between the two countries, and seek ways to promote Seoul in the Philippines.

    Senator Pacquiao grew up in an underprivileged environment and started boxing to earn a living. He entered the world of professional boxing as a flyweight boxer in 1995, and beginning with his 1998 WBC Championship as flyweight, he has set unprecedented boxing records by becoming champion of 8 weight divisions, which led him to be hailed as the Champion of not only the Philippines, but of Asia. Remembering his childhood struggles prior to finding success as a boxer, he has made large annual donations for people living in slums and in poverty, becoming known as the king of donations. He was elected as a senator in the Philippines in 2016 and is currently serving in office as an active politician.

    Asian Boxing Legend Manny Pacquiao becomes ‘Seoul Global Ambassador’