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  • Artwork for Installation at New City Hall Picked

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    Artist’s conceptThe artwork titled Metaseosa (Meta Fiction) – Seoveol by artist Jeon Su-cheon (Prof. of Art at the Korea National University of Arts) has been selected for installation at the new City Hall building.

    In order to choose a public artwork that will culturally symbolize the new City Hall, which is currently under construction, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has been running a contest involving seven renowned Korean artists who were singled out in May by the competition selection committee. Jeon Su-cheon’s Metaseosa (Meta Fiction) – Seoveol was selected as the winning work through a citizen evaluation based on a survey of citizens’ preferences (conducted from August 25 – 31, 2011), and a review of the artworks by a panel of experts (September 2, 2011).

    The artwork will be installed at the reception inside the Eco Plaza, where a vertical green wall measuring 50 meters in length and 27.5 meters in width will be erected to express the city’s dream of and commitment to an “Eco Seoul.”

    The motif behind Metaseosa (Meta Fiction) – Seoveol is the creation of an energetically soaring whirlwind of converging drops of life that simultaneously symbolizes bubbles, water, air and light. The work has been created as a public artwork that will spread visual vitality to all corners of the new City Hall and transmit the vigor of life to all those who view it.

    Sectional view drawing, Rear view drawing

    The artwork formatively manifests the artist’s message, which suggests that just as small bubbles converge to create a large cloud and spiraling whirlwind, so citizens’ participation and creativity come together to generate a new epic and culture of Seoul in which citizens are happy, and which is beloved by the world.

    Artwork details – view around escalator , Detail drawing

    The installation is also characterized by the fact that it is not merely a work that exists only to be viewed by sight, but is also an “open piece of art” through which citizens can pass at their leisure, and onto which they can project their own stories.

    The winning artwork will undergo a review and advisory process by architects, construction experts, and public art experts, and will be coordinated and adjusted to ensure that the messages of architecture, art and citizens can be adequately harmonized before its slated completion in April of next year.