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The Cultural Heritage of SEOUL(TBS)

  • The Artist’s House, a trace of the Dongsung-dong Campus of Seoul National University

  • The Cultural Heritage of SEOUL(TBS) SMG 3385

    In early spring of 1975, the Dongsung-dong Campus of Seoul National University held its last graduation ceremony. Standing at the corner of Daehang-ro, a street packed with youthful energy and many parks, the building was turned into the Artist’s House in 2010. It is a modern architectural structure that has been designated as a historical site. This three-story brick building has its entrance on the second floor and is finished with coarsely scratched tiles in a modernist style. With its protruding entrance and curves, the Artist’s House highlights artistic beauty. Designed by modern architect Park Gil-Ryong, it was built along with the Law and Literature College and the Medical College on the Dongsung-dong Campus in 1931. With the establishment of Seoul National University in 1946, the building was used as the university’s main building. After the relocation of Seoul National University to its current Gwanak Campus in 1975, the Korea Arts and Culture Education Service took the building over and used it for a while. Later, it renovated the building and reopened it as the Artist’s House.