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  • Art Health Donation Stairs for Those Who Walk Up Stairs in Subways to Support Artists with Disabilities

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    Seoul Metro, together with 365mc Hospital, delivered KRW 10,350,000, the funds that were collected through the “Art Health Donation Stairs” that are installed in Gangnam-gu Office Station (subway line 7), to the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture.

    The Seoul Foundation of Arts and Culture will use the donated sum to build charging stations where artists with disabilities can charge their electric wheelchairs. The intention of the word “art” in the “Art Health Donation Stairs” is to encourage the creative activities of artists with disabilities by guaranteeing their right of movement.

    In March 2017, Seoul Metro and 365mc Hospital together installed the Art Health Donation Stairs, through which funds are donated as more people walk up the stairs instead of riding the escalator, in Gangnam-gu Office Station.

    365mc Hospital donated KRW 10 per person, which grew to an accumulative donation. Putting emphasis on the keyword “health,” KRW 4,340,000 in 2018 and KRW 5,200,000 in 2019 were donated to the Seoul branch of Red Cross to be used as urgent medical treatment expenses for households in crisis.

    The aggregative number of users of the “Art Health Donation Stairs” in 2019 was 517,579. The number amounted to 434,168 in 2017 and 518,016 in 2018. Celebrating the third year of the operation of the stairs, the hospital raised the sum of the funds it donates by 100 percent, from KRW 10 to 20 per user.

    Climbing the “Art Health Donation Stairs,” the users can appreciate the works of JAIM, a Western-style painter, and the photographer Hong Sung-yong. Walking up the stairs is greatly helpful for health, burning triple the amount of calories compared to normal walking and double the amount of calories compared to fast walking.