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  • Art collective, interdisciplinary group teamLab’s new exhibition in DDP

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    [Anchor] A highly anticipated exhibition is opened in Seoul by the renowned art collective, teamLab. It’s about life and the importance of taking the time to appreciate its beauty, a message perhaps we can all use to hear right now. Our Kim Bo-kyoung sends this report from Dongdaemun Design Plaza.
    [Reporter] Combining nature and digital technology, teamLab’s latest exhibition, teamLab: life, hopes to inspire people and help them empty their minds. Through this exhibition, the interdisciplinary, multi-national group of specialists such as artists, architects and CG animators, explore the confluence of art, nature and technology. The theme of their exhibition in Dongdaemun Design Plaza is “life.”
    [Eom Jong-sik, Catalyst, teamLab Inc.] “In this exhibition, we’ve explored the continuity of life. Amid this tiring times of COVID-19, we hope this exhibition can make people feel how beautiful life can be, and think positively of the fact that we are alive regardless of what circumstances we’re in.”
    [Reporter] Animals made up of flowers roam around the wall. One sector shows how animals live inside the ecosystem, all embraced by the beating earth. Another area shows 12 types of flowers blooming and withering along with the change of the seasons.
    “This video projection artwork is titled Black Waves: Immersive Mass. If you follow the spiral path, you would feel as though you have become the part of the waves, overwhelmed by their power.”
    One member of the group says they have changed the space structure by putting a great wall in the middle, so that people can feel immersed in the turbulent waves. The highlight of the exhibition is a waterfall full of flowers.
    [Eom Jong-sik, Catalyst, teamLab Inc.] “The waterway changes at the spot where people are standing and the water parts. Flowers blossom too. The more people, the more flowers come to life. It lets us consider others’ existence positively.”
    [Reporter] teamLab’s exhibition runs until next year April.