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  • The Ara (Ship) of Hangang River Reborn as a Cruise Ship

  • Culture & Tourism news SMG 7418

    The Ara Ship of Hangang River will be reborn as the first cruise ship to specialize in performances in addition to its role as a cruise ship for cultural tourism. The Hangang Project Headquarters of the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will begin to operate the cruise ship on July 1.

    There will be various performances including fusion Korean traditional music, K-pop, and b-boy presentations on the stage of the ship.

    In particular, customized cultural content for tourists from abroad, such as Chinese and Japanese visitors will be designed, and active measures will be taken to attract tourists. In addition, the cruise ship will provide a unique service compared to existing cruise ships through utilization of the space for a wide variety of events such as weddings, concerts, presentations for new products, and others.

    ▶ Location: Yeouido Hangang Park Quay
    ▶ Time: 19:30 (90-minute course)
    ▶ Fare:
      ○ General cruise ship fare
      – Adults 15,000 won; Youth 13,500 won; Children (below 3 to 13 years old) 10,500 won
      ○ Cruise ship fare with performance
      – Adults 35,000 won; Youth 31,500 won; Children (below 3 to 13 years old) 24,500 won
      ○ Cruise ship fare including meals and performances
      – Adults and youth 85,000 won; Children (below 3 to 13 years old) 59,500 won