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[2012] Mayor’s Speech

  • Appointment Ceremony of “My Friend Seoul” Kid Reporters

  • [2012] Mayor’s Speech SMG 1363

    Appointment Ceremony of “My Friend Seoul” Kid Reporters

    Date: April 12, 2012
    Venue: Sejong Hall, Sejong Center for the Performing Arts

    Hello, kid reporters. You guys are awe~~some!

    I tried to impersonate a comedian just then. How did I do? Having witnessed the activities and accomplishments of our senior kid reporters, I now truly believe that Seoul has a very bright future ahead of it.

    I also had a childhood like all of you, as a kid named Park Won Soon. If there had been a program for kid reporters when I was young, I would have applied for it. But as I am not as smart as you, I probably wouldn’t have made the cut. This is truly a good program.

    I am very curious to know how you picture the world and the city of Seoul. I have quite high expectations for your answers.

    Do you know the population of Seoul? Is it 8,000? Or 100 million? Yes, you are correct. There are 10 million people in Seoul, and with those 10 million people comes great diversity. Like the colors of a rainbow, the lives of people in Seoul are very diverse, as are the jobs they do. Have you been to the water recycling center that was covered by your senior reporters? It is a place where water is recycled and purified. Also, cars, subways, and buses are operated by Seoul City. They are the “feet” of the 10 million citizens of Seoul. You may be curious about how such a system is operated. We have markets too. Do you wonder how markets sell and purchase products? And how they ensure the safety of the food? Just now, you learned how agricultural pesticides are monitored.

    Now, you should learn about all of the things I mentioned, and tell your friends, parents, and teachers all about it. Personally, I think a good world is one where the children are happy and playful.

    By the way, are you happy? I see some of you didn’t answer. You are told to study really hard, right? I know what it’s like, and that’s why I want you to learn and play in a less studious environment. You should go on field trips and experience things firsthand. Now, you have a five-day school week, don’t you? So, Seoul City is trying to create more places for you to go and have fun on the weekends. There is the Seoul Children’s Museum next to Seoul Children’s Grand Park or the Seoul Safety Experience Center. Seoul City wants to let you have fun, learn diverse things, and experience various occupations.

    One of you here said you would like to run for mayor, and honestly, I felt a little threatened by that. But seriously, I think you can become more than that! You can win a Nobel Prize or become the next UN Secretary General. But there is more than that. For example, tens of thousands of street cleaners work for us early every morning. So, you see, there are many things for you to discover and share with others.

    In order to make a better society in the future, I want all of you to do your best. Of course, I will do my best as well. Always remember that a reporter is someone who discovers what others don’t see and shares it with them.

    I look forward to your sincere support!