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  • MITUL KANSAL 06/04/2017 (1:49 오후)

    Meanwhile, 62.7 percent of Koreans said they used online resources, such as blogs and Facebook, to find information before traveling overseas, while 21.2 percent said they used travel guide books.
    Of the foreigners, 42.4 % said they would visit Korea again for traditional culture & 32.8% for food.

    • Seoul Metropolitan Government 06/08/2017 (9:53 오전)

      Dear Mitul Kansal,

      Thank you so much for the useful information, and we have sent you the confirmation email on Jun 5. Please include the information in your comments to the monitoring report of yours, and we wish you the best outcome.

      Once again, thank you for your support for the city of Seoul

  • MITUL KANSAL 06/18/2017 (7:40 오후)

    Submitted my report .I am still monitoring SMG website . if i were found any other error in translations , i will submit you as a annexure . I hope i will be a MVP member .

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