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  • Announcement of Winners for the Global Contest for Content Related to Support for Overcoming COVID-19 Together with I·SEOUL·U

  • SMG 5814

    The following are the winning works of the “Global Contest for Content Related to Support for Overcoming COVID-19” together with I·SEOUL·U held by the Seoul Metropolitan Government from Wed, Apr. 8 to – Fri, May 22, 2020.

    □ Grand Prize

    □ Grand Prize
    Award Winner Title of work
    Grand Prize SHOW DESIGN GROUP Adieu Covid 19

    □ Video category

    □ Video category
    No. Award Title of work Winner
    1 Gold Miracle of 0 Confirmed Cases Kim A-reum
    2 Silver Life in Korea during the Corona virus David Robbins
    3 Encouraging Song of Hope, ‘Together’ Medical Student Kim
    4 Bronze Hope Lives in Us Padak Studio
    5 The Vaccine of Togetherness Oh Sang-woo
    6 COVID-19, You’re Nothing Ahn Brothers
    7 Selected Works While You Were Down Kim Kwang-heum
    8 Dear Hero Dwi Iva Fitriana
    9 Letter of Thanks Lee Seok-won
    10 Support in Overcoming COVID-19, “Ari” National High School of Traditional Korean Arts
    11 Are You Well? Hwang Se-in
    12 COVID-19 PT Hell Project Yourang
    13 Stop for a Moment for Tomorrow STUDIO.3
    14 Imagine challenge in Corona Single Marks
    15 One Fine Day Kwon Su-jin
    16 A Reclusive Life Kim Nam-cheol

    □ Image category

    □ Image category
    No. Award Title of work Winner
    1 Gold A Safe Route that Protects Us Kim Seo-hui
    2 Silver "2M,” a Distance Where We Can Laugh Kim Hyun-ah
    3 Our Hero Han Ji-min
    4 Bronze Thank you Nguyen Quoc Thanh
    5 No One Knows. Kim Kyung-seok
    6 Ding-dong Ditch Yeo Won-ae
    7 Selected Works One Cough That Threatens Us All. Yoo Ra-hyun
    8 A Small but Great Safety Equipment Kwon Na-young
    9 Thank You,. Moon Young-hyun
    10 For Spring Park Ji-won
    11 I Am a Mask Battling COVID-19. Hong Sung-han
    12 Social Distancing Ko Young-hun
    13 The Most Pleasant Distance Between You and Me Seo Hye-in
    14 One Meeting, Becomes Eternal Farewell. Kim Kyung-seok
    15 A Distant but Most Beautiful Harmony Design Avengers
    16 Ready for Work Kim Hong-sik

    □ Children’s category (Special Award)

    □ Children’s category (Special Award)
    No. Award Title of work Winner
    1 We Are All Heroes of COVID-19!! Seong Si-woo Image
    2 COVID-19, Go Away Park Hae-on Video
    3 Heartwarming Volunteer Service Han So-jung Image
    4 #Thanks_to_Medical_Staff #Thanks_to_You Kang A-reum Image
    5 COVID-19, Be Gone!!!! Byun Joo-won Video
    6 Cease CoviD1-19 Iroo Moon Image
    7 Let’s All Play the COVID-19 Fire Game. Hwang Eun-chae Image
    8 My Precious Life Returned to Me After COVID-19 Park Hye-yeon Image
    9 Let’s Overcome COVID-19 Together Seong Ye-young Image
    11 We can do this together! Kang Hyun-sung Image
    12 I’m Proud to Have Been Born in South Korea. Kang Ha-neul Image
    13 Let"s beat corona virus!  Kang Ji-min Image
    14 Let’s Stay Strong Until COVID-19 is Gone! Seong Ji-ho Image
    15 COVID-19, Staying Brave Seo Min-kang Video