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  • Announcement of the Winners of Seoul’s Architecture Storytelling Contest

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    Seoul has selected 28 winners through expert evaluation and a citizens’ screening among a total of 1,098 projects submitted to the 5th Architecture with Me Storytelling Contest.

    The contest, which was held under the theme, “Seoul, an architectural story,” focused on small but special stories of villages that tell us the tales of the life of the neighborhood with open spaces of buildings at the center. Specifically, various stories about Seongsu-dong and the district of Hongdae that have not yet been discovered were submitted.

    “Nakwon Market,” which contained the stories of a great number of people of Nakwon Market that carries a 50-year history, was honored as the grand prize winner in the media (video) category.
    ○ Summary of “Nakwon Market,” the grand prize winner in the media category
    – Nakwon Market, the only place in the world where one can find instrument stores, is already 50 years old. The technicians who have brought their youthful dreams to Nakwon Market have now become middle-aged artisans. During its five-decade history, Nakwon Market has contained various stories of a great number of people. The real value of Nakwon Market may be the memories and stories of the musicians whose musical careers began thanks to Nakwon Market, the artisans who helped them, and the youth who have visited Nakwon Market with the same dreams of pursuing music.

    The selected winning works will be made into a collection to be distributed. The characteristics and histories of each building will be widely promoted to enhance the value of the city of Seoul. The winners will receive the Mayor’s Award and will be displayed at Oil Tank Culture Park T6 during the period of the 11th Seoul Architecture Festival (Sept. 6 – Sept. 22).

    2019 Architecture with Me Storytelling Contest Winners

    Total : 25

    2019 Architecture with Me Storytelling Contest Winners
    Essay Media Total
    Essay Travelling Contest Photo Video
    Grand Prize 1 1
    First Prize 1 1 1 1 4
    Excellence Prize 4 1 2 1 8
    Participation Prize 8 1 3 12

    16 essays, 6 photos, 3 videos

    2019 Architecture with Me Storytelling Contest Winners
    No. Award Category Title Image Location
    1 Grand Prize Video Nakwon Market Jongno-gu
    2 First Prize Essay The Not-Sad Lee Jin Ah Memorial Library Seodaemun-gu
    3 First Prize Essay What is a building?  
    4 First Prize Photo My Architectural Playground, Daerim-dong House of Sun Yeongdeungpo-gu
    5 First Prize Video A Library Called a Jail Eunpyeong-gu
    6 Excellence Prize Essay My Gloomy University Life in Daehak-dong Gosichon Gwanak-gu
    7 Excellence Prize Essay Sillim-dong, an Old and Humane Place Gwanak-gu
    8 Excellence Prize Essay The Morning of Ikseon-dong Jongno-gu
    9 Excellence Prize Essay Exploring the Aesthetics of Seongsu by Foot Seongdong-gu
    10 Excellence Prize Essay Travelling Contest Jung-gu
    11 Excellence Prize Photo An Unintended Creation Yeongdeungpo-gu
    12 Excellence Prize Photo The Beginning and the End of the Apartment Design, Jamsil Jugong Complex 5 Songpa-gu
    13 Excellence Prize Video One Spring Day in Mangwon-dong Mapo-gu
    14 Participation Prize Essay On the Riverside of Hapjeong-dong Yongsan-gu
    15 Participation Prize Essay Silence Mapo-gu
    16 Participation Prize Essay The Wings of Love Garden Nowon-gu
    17 Participation Prize Essay Modern Times—Cafe Daelim Changgo Seongdong-gu
    18 Participation Prize Essay My Private Island, Our Space Seocho-gu
    19 Participation Prize Essay A Space Existing Through Memory Jongno-gu
    20 Participation Prize Essay A City Where We Respect One Another Instead of Competing with One Another Jung-gu
    21 Participation Prize Essay Travelling Contest,
    Cutting-edge Yongsan Station
    22 Participation Prize Essay Travelling Contest  
    23 Participation Prize Photo I Wanted to Capture You Mapo-gu
    24 Participation Prize Photo Oksu-dong, the Village that Disappeared Seongdong-gu
    25 Participation Prize Photo Chun Tae-il Memorial Hall Jongno-gu