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  • Announcement of MICE Industry Promotion Plan to Attain Goal as ‘No. 1 Global MICE City Seoul’

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    Seoul announced the 2019 Seoul MICE Industry Promotion Basic Plan as the foundation for comprehensive promotion of the MICE industry, a high value-added, futuristic growth engine, and prepares to take steps in earnest for a full-scale launch of the project.

    In the year of 2018, MICE Seoul achieved remarkable results. It succeeded in attracting 186 cases of Global MICE Collaborative and expanded the number of member companies of ‘Seoul MICE Alliance (SMA),’ a Seoul-based foundation of public-private partnership of the MICE industry, from 260 members in 2017 to 299 members in 2018. Seoul also received the honor of being selected as ‘the Best MICE City’ for four consecutive years, in addition to being selected as the world’s third ranked international conference host city for three years in a row.

    Based on such achievements, Seoul plans to establish and promote the 2019 Seoul MICE Industry Promotion Basic Plan to broaden the economic influence of MICE and contribute to the revitalization of Seoul’s economy.

    First, the support system will be reinforced with a significant increase in budget from the existing amount of KRW 150 million to a maximum of KRW 250 million for international conferences in Seoul in addition to the attraction of societies, groups, associations, organizations, and corporations.

    Support for business conferences and incentive tours with a minimum of consecutive two-night stays in Seoul and a total of 100-night stays (the number of stays by all participants) will increase from the existing maximum of KRW 100 million to a maximum of KRW 200 million, and customized packages will be added through consideration of the characteristics of business events.

    For the first time nationwide, MICE cooperative marketing will be developed, which will link Seoul MICE with specialized tourism contents of other cities and provinces. Through this domestic cooperative promotion, Seoul plans to extend the influence of Seoul MICE to other cities and provinces in Korea to contribute to mutual and regional growth.

    With efforts to strengthen the capacity of MICE enterprises, Seoul Comprehensive MICE Support Center will newly open within Seoul Tourism Organization in July for comprehensive support of substantial management.