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  • Annmarie Puzelli

  • Recommendation 567

    Dear Honorable Mayor Park,

    I am writing today as I learned of your Seoul Honorary Citizen program and want to recommend one of my business associates, Jon Barocas. Over the years Jon has visited Seoul too many times to count. He considers it his second home. I have learned so much about your city, country and culture from Jon. He always talks about Seoul to anyone who will listen. He has made many lifelong friends in Seoul and is definitely the city’s biggest supporter. He speaks about the traditional Korean culture and how it blends with the modern culture. How Koreans, particularly Seoul citizens, have an energy and excitement for life, food and family that he has not seen in his Asian travels. His knowledge and expertise have provided for many nights at local Korean restaurants where he mingleswith local Koreans. I have found that he is very accepted throughout Seoul and the country of Korea. This would be a great honor to bestow on Jon as he is considered a true Ambassador for the city of Seoul. He would revel in the recognition.
    Thank you for your consideration.

    Annmarie Puzelli