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  • Anna Ladouceur

  • Recommendation 1198

    Wednesday 30 July 2014

    Dear Members of the Honorary Citizen of Seoul Selection Committee,

    Ms Sonja Glaser has come to my attention in recent years as a result of her dedication to learning about Korean culture and her wish to share that knowledge with others in the foreign community. We have been very happy to help promote, via Korea4Expats.com, the various activities she has organized to introduce Korea’s traditional culture to foreign residents of all nationalities.

    Ms Glaser’s passion for Korean traditional culture, including Korean Traditional Tea Culture and Folk Painting among others, has led her to not only study these arts but to also bring others to learn as well. In addition, she works closely with accompanying spouses to help them integrate into Korean life as quickly and smoothly as possible. As such, she arranges tours for mothers and children so that they have activities over the summer vacation while fathers are working and school is out.

    I would be very happy to welcome Sonja Glaser to the ranks of the Honorary Citizens of Seoul and hope that you will see fit to select her for this honor.

    Anne Ladouceur
    Honorary Citizen of Seoul 2010
    CEO-K4E Consulting LLC