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2014 Global Seoul-Mates : Mission

  • Anna Isabella

  • 2014 Global Seoul-Mates : Mission 1039

    My name is Anna and Jakarta is my hometown~ I came to Korea 6 years ago. Boy, time sure flies when you’re having fun! My favorite food is ttokbokki (떡볶기), a rice-flour based meal. Combine chewy and delicious tteok with fish cake and egg and then seasoned it with Korean spicy sauce called gochu jang (고추장)~ When I was still studying, I ate a LOT of this ^^ This is a food that is so dear to my heart because I shared so many fond memories and relationship through eating this with my friends. Ttokbokki is affordable, appetizing, al dente(??), and most of all addicting! And what compliments tteokbokki? Of course it’s odeng (boiled fish cake), sundae (blood sausage, not ice cream), and twigim (fried goodness)~ All dipped in spicy and tangy and warm and seductive red sauce… Ahh… Writing about this make me crave tteok…