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  • Anis Ahmed

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    안녕하세요 Government & Citizens of Seoul, how are you?

    I hope you are all well and happy. My name is Anis, I am from Birmingham, England U.K.

    I want to recommend myself because i would really like to visit Seoul because i think it’s such a cool place, although i have never visited and because i work for the City Council here in Birmingham U.K.

    I work in the call centre, taking calls for housing repairs, fleet & waste, complaints, neighbourhood office appointment bookings, anti social behaviour and possibly other service(s) but i think that i have mentioned more than enough. I feel i do my job in the best of my ability to help other people, in total i have tried to help the citizens of Birmingham for atleast 9 years or more. I have many hobbies and ambitions which i haven’t been able to fulfil due to sacrificing my time working to help others. My hobbies are Art, poetry, writing raps, running, jogging, walking and collecting fire department badges. My ambitions were to become a firefighter (i was given a real firefighter’s helmet from West Midlands Fire Service), to be a rapper, car designer, athlete, a graduate from university, visiting the world, yes Seoul too!, but there’s many others aswell. I feel i haven’t had the recognition i deserve, as many citizens who i helped have said that i deserve a medal, not that i am asking for a medal but because they were so happy for my customer service for my recognition they felt i deserved a medal. Not only have i sacrificed my time for working to help the citizens of Birmingham, i also left my studies to work due to not enough income at home before working to help citizens of Birmingham. Compared to others i feel many years behind in life due to being unable to fulfil my ambitions, especially due to problems at home and problems ever since i was at school due to bullying.

    I can make alot of positive changes in the world, and in Seoul too!. Space does not permit me to write more, so i wanted to share this with you all!,