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  • Animals of Seoul Grand Park Getting through the Heat Wave

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    In Seoul Grand Park, the zookeepers make various attempts to help the animals according to the temperature and condition. The park reveals those attempts—arousing the animals’ curiosity with ice made of fruit juice, offering them raw chicken, which is the food the animals usually eat, in a frozen form to stimulate a new sense, and more—made to help the animals endure the scorching heat of summer in various ways.

    Siberian tigers, which are easily affected by hot weather, are having a fun time this summer, swimming and eating frozen chicken and beef ribs as special foods for the hot weather. Asiatic black bears, which were designated as a natural heritage, have a great appetite. They are getting through the blazing heat as they intake vitamins and protein through frozen pollack and fruit frozen in a block of ice.

    Come see how the animals have fun playing in the cool, refreshing water. Asian elephants from the tropical region cool down their body in the water sprayed by the zookeepers and spend the summer days eating fruits and large ice cubes.

    Seoul Grand Park is providing the animals in the zoo with foods full of special nutrients to help those that are tired and have lost their appetites due to the continuous sweltering heat, in order to help them overcome the stress.

    Having come from the tropical region, Asian elephants hate the heat. This is why the zookeepers hose cool water on them and put large ice cubes and fruits in the large pond to let them consume high-sugar fruits in the water.

    Sensitive to the heat, Siberian tigers are given frozen chicken and beef ribs as special foods so that they can regain their strength and pass an enjoyable summer.

    Species that originally inhabited a cold region and thus is highly sensitive to the heat, European brown bears and the Asiatic black bears, a Korean natural heritage, are provided with protein-filled frozen pollack and fresh fruits as vitamin supplements so that they can get through the summer healthily.

    The lions are offered various, unique foods in their large, newly refurbished enclosure. Visitors can see how lions react to a variety of funny foods, such as frozen meat with horns and ox’s feet, eggs of emus and ostriches containing beef, and ox’s feet hanging from the trees. Elephant dung, of which lions are fond, are also scattered about, arousing interesting reactions from the lions. After the refurbishment, the enclosure for hyenas now offers a swimming pool. Visitors can see the cute and unusual views of the spotted hyenas playing in the swimming pool filled with bubbles and ice.

    Seoul Grand Park is making efforts for the welfare of the animals as it operates the behavioral enrichment program by offering them new foods and making their environments as similar to their original habitat as possible, in order for the animals in the zoo to be able to display behaviors like the animals in the wild. Zoo animals “Getting through the Heat Wave” is part of the behavioral enrichment program of this summer.

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