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  • “Animal Policies in Seoul” To Be Made with Youth…Recruiting 200 members

  • Press Releases SMG 782
    • – The Seoul Metropolitan Government will recruit the members of “Seoul Youth Network for Animal Policy” until May 31st; young citizens aged between 20 to 40 who live, study or work in Seoul can apply for this program
    • – The members will participate in the entire process for 1 year from proposal, planning, and implementation regarding Seoul’s animal policy
    • – Creative policy ideas will be put on the table of “Seoul City Animal Welfare Council” for further development

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, May 10, 2018 – The Seoul Metropolitan Government will work together with youth to make and implement Seoul City’s animal policies. The scope of work includes enhancing the awareness and solving the problems of animal welfare for abandoned animals, companion animals, wild animals and stray cats. The Seoul City government has announced that it will establish and operate “Seoul Youth Network for Animal Policy (Seoul Animal Policy Youth Net, hereinafter).” Two hundred citizens will participate in the platform where they propose policy ideas and lead the decision-making process for animal policy. The city government will recruit the youth members until May 31st (Thu).

    Seoul Animal Policy Youth Net consists of 8 groups (25 members for each group) in 4 areas (abandoned animals, companion animals, wild animals and stray cats). The members will perform the relevant activities for 1 year and have the right to participate in the entire process from making a policy proposal, building up a business plan and implementing the policies. In particular, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will put the creative policy ideas proposed by Seoul Animal Policy Youth Net onto the agenda of “Seoul City Animal Welfare Council”, the advisory group of Seoul city’s animal policy. This move aims to implementing the proposed policies in reality. Anyone aged between 20 to 40 who live in Seoul, or belongs to an university (graduate school) or a company (organization) in Seoul can apply for Seoul Animal Policy Youth Net.

    The list of 200 successful applicants will be announced in June. Their one-year term starts in July this year and ends in June next year. The members will be actively engaged in policy development by participating in the “presentation session for animal policy proposals” which is held on a half-yearly basis. Each group selects its own “policy news agenda” and a “group leader.” The members write down articles about their policy proposals and upload them in social media, blogs and online cafes. It is to encourage more citizens to participate in the policy-making and reach a consensus.

    Meanwhile, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has run “Seoul Youth Network” since 2014 so that young citizens can participate in making youth policies. With such effort, the city government has promoted various policies such as youth allowance program. The Seoul Metropolitan Government will strengthen its youth governance by operating the “Seoul Animal Policy Youth Net”, which is a youth network for animal policies.