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  • ANGEL EYES APP for the Visually Impaired Spreads Nationwide

  • Welfare, Health & Security News SMG 4150

    The SMG is set to spread the ANGEL EYES APP service for the visually impaired in Seoul across the country.

    The service is a remote-controlled daily life safety service for the visually impaired. It enables the visually impaired to transmit relevant images to their guardians or volunteers on a real-time basis by smart phone when they need help.

    The service helps the visually impaired in a variety of ways, such as real-time image transmission, bidirectional voice communication, ascertainment of mail content, tips for taking medicines, and information on the use of public transportation. The service greatly enhances the safety of the visually impaired by enabling them to inform those who can help them of their location when they are in danger.

    Anyone can use the service by downloading the app and subscribing as a member. Service-related support is provided to Android Phone Galaxy S2 Class or high and IOS iPhone 4S or higher.

    For inquiries, please call: Division for Policies for the Impaired (02-2133-7445).