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    American Impressionism – Korea’s Special Exhibition: Celebrating 130 years of Korea-US Diplomatic Ties<br /><br />

    American Impressionism: Transcending the Beauty of Light and Color

    Celebrating 130 years of Korea-US diplomatic ties, this special exhibition features American impressionist works for the first time in the country. The exhibition re-explores the development of American expressionism – which took root in France – and American expressionist works as landscape. At least 130 works of 90 diverse artists, which come from the collection of the Bank of America, trace the development history of American impressionism and show the true American style of paintings.

    Brought from France, Developed Independently

    Impressionism began in France; a few years later, it was introduced to the US in the 1870s. In 1865 after the Civil War, many artists traveled to Europe particularly France, studied there, and imbibed impressionism as a new, free style. They applied impressionism to the painting of their country’s scenery, and impressionism became the main subject. Unlike French impressionists, however, American impressionists continued to follow the anatomical-like academic principles they studied at French academies and finally produced works with more solid composition and realistic sense than those of French impressionists.

    Core Pillar of Development: Communities of Arts

    Featuring beautiful mountains, villages, cities, places situated along the New England coastlines, and other American subjects, American impressionist works showed longing for visual continuity and perpetuity with pastoral backgrounds in stark contrast with the fast-changing country. Most of the works reflect optimistic, patriotic, and dreamlike nostalgia. From the 1880s, impressionism was developed in various regions; communities of arts were concentrated in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania, and artists developed their own style of impressionism.

    South Korea’s First American Impressionism Exhibition: Meaning and Specialty

    This exhibition offers a look at how American artists successfully changed French impressionism to suit their own artistic style through American impressionist works with a charm that is different from that of European impressionist works. It also explores the potential that enabled American modern art to enjoy the biggest success in the global market.

    Period December 22 (Sat), 2012 – March 29 (Fri), 2013
    Time December – February 10:00-19:00 / March 10:00-20:00
    Venue Hangaram Art Museum Gallery 3 and Gallery 4
    Fee Adults – 12,000 won / young people – 8,000 won (middle and high school students) / children – 5,000 won (elementary school children) / preschoolers – 4,000 worn (48 months old or older preschoolers)) / elderly people – 5,000 won (aged 65 or older, ID required)
    Discount * 7,000 won di…