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  • American Editor, British Reporter Team Up to Publish Magazine on Seoul

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     Cover of August and September issues of English-language monthly magazine “SEOUL” “SEOUL,” the English-language monthly magazine published jointly by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul Selection (http://www.seoulselection.com), has been promoting Seoul to people around the world since 2003 by providing information on hotspots and culture and arts in the Korean capital.

    SEOUL, about 19,000 copies of which are printed around the 25th of every month, is distributed free of charge at outlets frequented by foreigners, including tourist information centers, royal palaces, hotels across Seoul, airports, and Korean Cultural Centers, as well as at overseas offices of the Korea Tourism Organization and Korean Air.

    “SEOUL” is notable because the monthly is edited by Robert Koehler, an American who has lived in Korea for 15 years, and reported by Ben Jackson, a Briton who majored in Korean language at Sheffield University in the U.K. As such, the magazine provides news reports effectively catering to foreigners’ needs and tastes.

    SEOUL provides not only travel information for tourists visiting Seoul but also information on living, events and performances for foreign residents in the City.

    The “Travel Information” corner introduces hotspots for foreign tourists in Seoul, and offers special programs that enable foreign visitors to experience 100 percent of Seoul. As such, the magazine comprehensively introduces tourism, culture, and the arts in Seoul, rather than serving merely as a stereotypical guidebook.

    In addition, the magazine offers a wide variety of contents, including information on foods, fashion, shopping and leisure, matters of keen interest among foreigners, information on events, performances, festivals and exhibition for foreigners, thus catering to the needs of not only visitors to Seoul but also to its foreign residents.

    Maps and Coupons, appendices to the magazine, provide the locations of tourist attractions in Seoul, including restaurants, clubs, galleries and tourist hotspots by district, and other useful information, and various discount coupons.