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  • All Seoul taxis to have card payment system from July

  • Integrated News SMG 2435

    By the end of June 2012, card payment machines will have been installed in every taxi operating in Seoul, so customers will no longer be inconvenienced by cash-only payment methods when they alight. Seoul City(City Transportation Headquarters) finally decided to make it mandatory for taxis to install card payment machines, and has announced that all Seoul taxis will have them by the end of June in order to improve taxi services and raise Seoul citizens’ satisfaction with taxi services.

    Currently, 98.1% of Seoul taxis have card payment machines, leaving only 1,384 taxis without them. As there are so few taxis that only accept cash, people often feel inconvenienced when they realize a taxi does not accept cards. Seoul City has concluded that the limited number of cash-only taxis causes a disproportionate level of inconvenience and so the city is planning to impose penalties including fines on vehicles that do not meet the end-of-June deadline for card payment machine installation. This administrative decision is based on the Business Improvement Order, Article 23 of the Passenger Transport Service Act.

    Seoul City has provided assistance since last year by installing card payment machines at no cost to encourage immediate expansion of the system, and since January the city has supported taxis on card payment commission for a small fee. For new taxis, Seoul City will order card payment machines along with taximeters to ensure the payment facility is installed in every vehicle.

    With the installation of card payment machines in every taxi in Seoul, Seoul City is expecting to reduce conflicts between taxi drivers and customers over card payment issues, increase customer satisfaction with taxi services, and obtain taxi management transparency in the long term.