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  • All Proceeds from I‧SEOUL‧U Flea Market Donated to the Socially Vulnerable

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) has donated all proceeds from its I‧SEOUL‧U pop-up store, which showcased and sold jointly branded products of private businesses with the SMG’s city brand “I‧SEOUL‧U” from this past November at Hongdae Festival Street’s flea market held in Mapo-gu, to support the socially vulnerable.

    All proceeds from the flea market, which garnered KRW 1.811 million, were donated to the Seoul Council on Social Welfare under the name of the SMG’s brand “I‧SEOUL‧U” to assist those in need, especially those who are socially vulnerable residing in Seoul.

    The donation was made by Haechi, the mascot of Seoul, on behalf of the SMG representing I‧SEOUL‧U. Haechi visited the Seoul Council on Social Welfare in person on Tue, Dec. 15 and presented the check at the ceremony with relevant officials in attendance, including the directors of the Seoul Council on Social Welfare and the Seoul Community Relations Center.

    Footage from the ceremony will be available via the SMG’s YouTube channel Haechi TV in a video upload scheduled to be posted around the end of December that promotes the SMG’s charitable donation.