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  • Adopt a Tree and Become a Parent!

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is asking its citizens to adopt the 284,000 trees along the streets of the city and take care of them instead of the paid officials and workers who currently look after them at a significant cost to the city coffers.

    Example of a name plate (Tree No. 1) , Fixing a name plate to an adopted tree

    The City of Seoul has announced that it will accept applications for the adoption from schools and other organizations starting on Monday, August 6, as the first stage of a campaign to be completed in a series of stages.

    The city has named the campaign ‘Adopt-a-Tree’ under which not just organizations but also individuals can adopt street trees and look after them just as they would their children or siblings.

    Enterprises participating in this innovative social service can expect pretty positive corporate advertising effects, while students, for instance, can contribute to the environmental protection efforts and implement student volunteer services as recommended by school boards. No doubt the municipal government will be able to save a significant amount of money and help improve its overall financial health.

    Cleaning the ground around trees , Weeding – What’s the name of this weed?

    Adopters will be required to keep the trees clear of trash, weeds and ads in addition to watering them as needed. However, district offices will still undertake pruning and pest control as they as they are at the moment.

    Adopters will care for their trees according to their own plans. In the event that a tree is neglected for too long, however, the city will nulIify the adoption agreement and take the necessary measures.

    For further details, please visit http://environment.seoul.go.kr