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  • Adolescent Obesity Prevention Campaign Operated by Seoul City Together with International Healthcare Centers

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    청소년 하루 당 섭취량 한국청소년 80g  WHO 권고량 50g

    To actively manage the increase in sugar intake and obesity rate of adolescents, the city of Seoul will launch the Adolescent Obesity Prevention Campaign, together with Vital Strategies and the Bloomberg Philanthropies of the United States, international healthcare centers.

    In 2018, Seoul joined the Partnership for Healthy Cities, an organization that was founded to decrease fatalities due to the noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and traffic accidents.

    Michael Bloomberg, Global Ambassador for Noncommunicable Diseases of WHO and the former mayor of New York, headed the foundation of the Partnership for Healthy Cities, a global city network for reducing mortalities caused by the NCDs and accidents.

    Since 2018, the city of Seoul has discussed the campaign on the prevention of adolescent obesity closely with Bloomberg Philanthropies and Vital Strategies of the United States. As a result, a joint campaign for the reduction of sugar intake will be launched.

    According to the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, in 2019, the sugar intake of adolescents (ages 12-18) in Korea (80.8 g) is higher than that of other age groups and their sugar intake through processed foods (58.9 g) exceeds the WHO’s suggested serving amount (about 50 g). While beverages are the biggest source of sugar intake among processed foods, sodas greatly influence the sugar intake of adolescents.

    The analysis of dietary life of adolescents living in Seoul demonstrates that more adolescents are drinking sweet beverages or sodas more than three times a week and the obesity rate has continually increased from 5.6% (2007) to 10.1% (2018).

    우리아이가 하루에 설탕을 이렇게 많이 먹었어?

    Thus, the city of Seoul will commence an adolescent obesity prevention campaign by planning and creating images under the themes, “My child eats this much sugar a day??” “The snack my child eats contains this much sugar??” and more. These images will be posted on the exterior of intra-city buses.

    The planning and operation of the images for the adolescent obesity prevention campaign will be introduced to 54 member cities of the Partnership for Healthy Cities.

    ※ The website of Partnership for Healthy Cities: https://partnershipforhealthycities.bloomberg.org/