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  • Admiral Yi Sunshin statue under repair after 42 years

  • Integrated News SMG 2676

    The imposing bronze statue of Admiral Yi Sunshin that has been guarding the Gwanghwamun Square will be undergoing major repairs for the first time in 42 years, Seoul City said.

    The spine of the statue currently has no support, while the iron bar serving as a horizontal support is corroded in various places. Meanwhile, the interior of the statue is also showing signs of the ravages of time with cracks and rust, making repair work all the more urgent.

    The project will call for the steel support of the statue to be replaced with a sturdier support made of stainless steel, while the cracked, corroded and damaged interior will undergo major repair.

    The repair project will take about 40 days and is expected to be completed by Dec. 22. Three experts in bronze casting, who were recommended by the Association of Professional Sculptors, will be managing the project.

    The statue was moved to a repair factory in Icheon on Nov. 14 for the repairs to be effected. In place of Admiral Yi Sunshin, Seoul City has covered up the site in Gwanghwamun Square and set up an LED screen.