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  • Accomplishments during Mayor Park Won Soon’s First Six Months

  • SMG 1533

    ‘Six months have passed since Mayor Park Won Soon’s inauguration. The following represent a summary of the major items included among “The One Hundred Seeds of Hope which the New Mayor Has Made Possible,” which were made public on the 100th day of the mayor’s inauguration.

    ‘Six Months on Mayor Park’s Watch’ summarized in numbers

    10 (ZERO)
    Zero homeless people died of cold
    2About 11,240kmThe distance Mayor Park has travelled
    (excluding his business trip to Japan)
    331 hoursThe number of hours he continuously served on the Ondol Welfare Project for the underprivileged last winter
    4290,000 peopleSuffering neighbors the mayor has take care of in his trips to the suffering neighborhoods of Seoul
    55,000 wonThe amount of money the city government supports for each citizen’s essential vaccinations
    61.11 million wonCost of tuition fees for one semester at The University of Seoul (a municipal college)
    7587,000 peopleThe number of students eligible for free school meals cooked with environmentally-friendly ingredients
    81,152 peopleThe number of Seoul City officials who obtained permanent positions as of May 1, 2012
    9668 peopleThe number of people the major has met individually for myriad reasons
    1022 timesThe number of policy workshops held by the mayor
    112,769 peopleThe number of experts, officials and citizens who participated in the policy workshops
    12149 peopleThe number of citizens who spoke out at Speaker’s Corner
    13470,000 peopleThe number of citizens whom the mayor “met” in the ‘Won Soon’s Story of Seoul’ broadcast
    14471,105 peopleThe number of the mayor’s Twitter followers (as of April 26)
    15280 million wonAmount of over-charged taxes left unclaimed by tax payers and recently returned to them through the city’s proactive efforts
    16925 million wonTaxes collected from deliberate delinquent taxpayers through the man-to-man collection efforts of the city

    Happy Number ‘0’
    The city government started running the Seoul Hope Support Center and the Emergency Shelter last winter,
    resulting in zero homeless persons freezing to death for the first time in Seoul’s history.

    Hopeful Number ‘111’
    The figure 111, meaning 1,110,000 won, represents the amount of the tuition fee required for one semester (six months) at The University of Seoul, which is half the tuition fee charged by the same university in 2011, i.e.,
    2,200,000 won. This sharp reduction in the tuition fee for the municipal college has triggered a national movement to reduce college tuition fees. Across the country, the tuition fees for 186 universities dropped by an average of 4.48% in 2012.

    Hopeful Number ‘1152’
    This is the number of Seoul City Government officials who obtained permanent positions in May 2012,
    accounting for 37.2% of all the city’s temporary employees. Following the city government’s upgrade of their temporary positions to permanent ones as of May 1st, the new permanent employees will receive automatic pay increases, and will also be eligible for welfare points (to be transferred to monetary compensation), annual leave
    compensation, and severance pay.

    Hopeful Number ‘587000’
    The city began to offer free school meals made with environmentally-friendly food ingredients to 587,000
    students in elementary schools plus first year students at middle schools in March 2012.

    Hopeful Number 925,000,000
    This is the amount of money that the 38-Tax Collection Department has collected from delinquent taxpayers
    (i.e., avoidance of more than 10 million won) since the beginning of this year, when the previous organization
    changed its name and augmented its staff.

    The One Hundred Seeds of Hope which the New Mayor Has Made Possible